Welcome to MinecraftPVP.com!

Welcome to the Minecraft PVP Community. Our server offers a place for Minecraft PVP enthusiasts to wreak mayhem and destruction wherever they can. Read on below for more information on our server, or point your minecraft client to mcpvp.com now to get fighting!


We only have 1 rule on our server: No Hacking! This means that client mods that give you an advantage over other player are not allowed. So, no flying, no speedhacking, no xray, etc. We do actively detect these hacks (including xray! ) and ban players who use them.


  • Safe, simple spawn designed to get you out into the world without getting spawn camped.
  • Warps so you don't have to walk everywhere. mcpvp.com has fewer warps, b.mcpvp.com has more warps.
  • Combat log prevention, so you die if you disconnect during combat.
  • VIP & MVP Accounts get you awesome bonus features such as a reserved slot on all servers and no death-kick.
  • Two Servers with slightly different gameplay. mcpvp.com is a more compact map with only 3 warps (10/15 for vip/mvp) and a border at 10k blocks from spawn. b.mcpvp.com is much more spread out with 10 warps (20/unlimited for vip/mvp) and a 30k border.
  • 1 minute death kick makes staying alive just a bit more important. VIP and MVP accounts are exempt from the death kick.
  • Advanced tracking is enabled on both PVP servers so you can track down and kill/raid any player online.

Server Info

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Capture the Flag:
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