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It’s been a while since there was a new Hardcore Games kit, and with the recent release of the Nightlock kit, I wanted to give you a little more insight on it.

The Nightlock kit allows you to create poisoned mushroom stews. You can give them to people, leave them on the floor, or drop them in a fight. When someone eats a poisoned soup, they will lose all of their hunger for 60 seconds. If they eat another poisoned soup, they could lose 1 to 5 hearts of health too.

When used correctly, this kit is perfect for sabotaging your teammates or ruining other players’ food bar. You can craft 2 poisoned soup with a bowl and a seed. Here are my tips for the Nightlock kit:

  • Team with a Cultivator. The Cultivator can supply you with a large amount of seeds, allowing you to make more poisoned soup, but also give you food. If you eat one of your own poisoned soups, you will be glad you teamed with a Cultivator!
  • Throw some soups on the floor when the game starts, especially if you don’t spawn in a swamp. People will foolishly eat your soup expecting it to heal them, but will most likely starve to death due to the lack of food early on.
  • When fighting another player, drop a poisoned soup out of your inventory. Your enemy might pick it up and eat it by mistake, giving you a huge advantage in the fight. Their lack of hunger will also deal damage to their health!

Status Update!


- hclewk did a Q+A session on our forums. Check out the answers here!
Check out ‘MCPVP News #1″ from the official MCPVP YouTube channel.

Hardcore Games
- New kit released: Nightlock!
- Fresh kit rotation.
- We’ve improved our Brazilian servers, hopefully fixing some performance issues.

Capture the Flag
- Moderator changes to CTF, check them out and apply!

- Wave VI brings you 8 new Sabotage maps!

- A stability fix has been added, reducing lag and stopping crashes. New features like bottling XP has been added too!


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