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Everyone loves Cultivators. With the hunger nerf in 1.7, food is so much more important and with Cultivator, you have an endless supply. Whether you use the kit in teams or alone, it’s a great kit and does much more than just provide food! In case you don’t know, with Cultivator, you can instantly grow wheat and trees from saplings.

Here are my top tips for the kit:

  • Play with a team. Ask some of your friends to play a quick game and communicate via Skype. With your teammates, you can gather stone, iron and food and then attack… or simply tower with an Endermage and Stomper. If your friends don’t want to team, look in chat and you will find many people asking for teammates. Message them with /message and ask them to team!
  • Saplings are stronger than you think. Here’s a really clever tip for the Feast: Place your sapling on the Feast, and a tree will grow. However, you won’t lose your sapling. This is handy for trapping people in trees, or stopping people getting to the feast with saplings around the edge.
  • You can also use saplings when being chased by someone. Quickly turn around and pop it on the ground and the person chasing will either get stuck in the tree, or will have to walk around it — giving you more time to escape!

Status Update


- We’ve pretty much been super busy with fixing lag issues across all the servers.
- Mojang released a pre-release of 1.8! 

Hardcore Games

- We released the Nightlock kit. My next post will feature tips and tricks for it!
Salvager and Explorer have been retired.

Capture the Flag

- 9 new maps were added!
- We are looking into the lag issues.


- There’s a new map. The old map became corrupted.


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