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The most recent Hardcore Games kit is Camel, I find Camel to be really useful. It gives you a very strong advantage in desert biomes, allowing you to easily get ahead of enemy players. If you don’t know what the kit does, look no further!


Constant Speed 1 effect on sand, you can craft cacti juice (soup) from just 1 cactus instead of 2!

My top tips and tricks for the Camel kit include:

  • Use this kit based upon a games terrain and the situation. If the spawn in a desert – and there’s a swamp biome nearby, Camel is a good kit. Everyone will run to the swamp since it’s a more reliable source of soup – but as a Camel in a desert biome – you can have all the cacti for yourself to make easy, easy soup.
  • Bring the fights to the desert. Your advantage in the desert can be really beneficial in team fights, speed allows you to strafe your opponent easier meaning you can get more hits on him.
  • Get as much cacti as possible. Other players don’t go for cacti – why? Because they need 2 to make 1 soup, however Camels only need 1. It may take longer to gather, but it’s easier to craft and there’s less people wanting cacti.
You can purchase this kit, as well as many more from the following website for 250 credits.

What’s been happening the past week?

- We’re now accepting bit coins!
- All our gamemodes have help books. These can be obtained through the /help command.
- We released a little teaser on our upcoming gamemode!
Mojang updated Minecraft to 1.6.4, all of our servers are on the latest version.

Hardcore Games
- Help Book! With all the information you could possibly need.
- Camel kit released.
- New Kit Rotation

- Smash Montage winners announced, prizes awarded.
- We will add maps as we get them, once a week for example, instead of in waves.
- Peceplays is a new BR moderator.
- We’re still looking for more staff. If you’re interested, please apply! Particularly if you’re European, Brazilian or Australian! 

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