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Towers. We’ve all fought them and we all know how difficult some of them can be to take down. Today, I’m sharing six easy ways to take down a tower in the Hardcore Games.

Tower Takedown Prep

Before going to defeat a tower there are a few things you need to do and watch out for. First, get a bucket and spread water beneath the tower. This can be very helpful if you get knocked off when towering up as it will keep you from dying from fall damage.

Always expect the unexpected. Odds are you won’t know what their kit is, so plan for anything. Each of these tower takedown strategies is better against some kits than others. Plan for Worms, Switchers, Endermages, Stompers, Frostys, and even Pyros as just a few of the enemies you could find in a tower.

Anti-Tower Kits

Some kits are better for taking out towers than others. If you struggle with taking out towers, try using one of these kits: Endermage, Grappler, Jumper, Phantom, Jackhammer, Flash, Thor, Kangaroo, or Stomper.

1. Quick Tower

Sometimes you can catch a tower off guard if you stack up before they can see you. This tower takedown method works with surprise in your favor.

The moment you see a tower, run underneath it and use blocks to tower under it. When you reach the top of the tower, dig into it and stack up the rest of the way. Then simply defeat the players in the tower and you’re good.

This is the fastest method to take out a tower without using a good anti-tower kit. If you can catch them by surprise, it is definitely effective. However, this is also a very easy strategy to counter. If they see you, it will only take one snowball or arrow to send you falling to your doom.

2. Waterfall

After spreading water around, approach the tower normally and, using a water bucket, place water a few blocks above you on the tower.

Float up the water, then pick it up again and place it a little higher. Once you make it to the top, place a block beneath your feet and stack up into the tower.

This is good because it’s hard for a towerer to knock you off while you’re in water since it will slow down arrows and snowballs if they throw them at you. You’re also safe if they do knock you off and you can easily float back up to the last place you put the water.

The down side is they can easily remove or place a block on the water to destroy it. This strategy also takes a very long time to do and requires practice to get the timing right.

3. Projectiles

Get a good distance away from the tower and use the three-block protection tower method. This involves placing blocks on every side except the side facing the tower. This way, if the towerer throws or shoots a projectile at you, you won’t fall.

Simply tower up until you are as high as the tower, then use snowballs or arrows that you collected beforehand and throw them or shoot them at the players in the tower to knock them out of their tower.

Jump down into water to finish them off. This is a very safe method and can usually keep you out of reach of most kits. The only issue is it usually takes a lot of time to gather the blocks necessary to stack up and sometimes there is no way to gather snowballs or arrows easily.

4. Over Tower

If you’re unable to find snow or arrows, this is the best method. Simply build a tower like in method 3 but build about 10 blocks higher than the tower you’re trying to get into.

Next, build over to them, but build guard rails as well on the sides of your path as you stack over to keep from being knocked off. Once you are over their tower, jump down to them and clean up shop.

This is very effective and very low risk method. Good against most kits and can keep you from being knocked off by projectiles. However this strategy is very time-consuming and by the time you build up they can easily jump down and run away.

5. From the Base

If the tower has a base beneath it, dig up the bottom blocks and start stacking up from the base. Continue to replace the blocks as you tower up. You can also build a shield around yourself so they can’t knock you off.

This is a very safe method for towering because of the shield. However, it is very time-consuming since you need at least 4 stacks of blocks to build a shield around you.

6. Extreme

If you’ve tried all the above methods and you still can’t get into the tower, it’s time to get extreme. Collect TNT and create a small base of it about 5 blocks from their tower. Depending on how high their tower is, you may have to stack up a bit.

Build a small platform and place a block in the center of it. Put TNT on all four sides, then put a pressure plate on the center block. Jump on the pressure plate and block with your sword, then wait. When the TNT explodes, it should shoot you high into the air and you can land on their tower.

This is great to take out their tower quickly and keep them from being able to counter. The only problem is it requires a lot of practice and TNT can sometimes be very difficult to find.

Hopefully you found these tower takedown strategies helpful, and if you follow them, towers shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore.

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