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Thermo: Tips and Tricks!

The Thermo kit is the newest kit to be released, and allows kit users to turn water sources into lava – and lava sources into water. Here are a few of my tips on how to use Thermo to its full potential:

  • Create traps. Thermo is perfect for creating traps, create a long hole with water at the bottom. Place signs underneath the water to stop the water flowing, and when someone jumps down the hole – turn the water into lava. As they’re stuck in the lava, hit them with your sword to deal more damage.
  • For aggressive players, you can use water to climb up a steep hill or mountain when someone is chasing you. As you get to the top, turn the water source into lava and watch your enemy slowly burn!
  • This kit is particularly useful at the feast. Ever encountered that annoying moment when a pesky Poseidon has turned the whole feast into water? With Thermo, you can turn all of the feast into lava  - a Poseidons worst nightmare. After 10 seconds is up, and the Poseidon dead, you can turn the lava back into water.

Do you have any cool tips and tricks for the Thermo kit? Let me know in the comments below!

What’s happened this week?


- Unban fees for each month will be donated to charity.

Hardcore Games

- A brand new Kit Rotation.
- New Kit Released: Thermo

Capture the Flag

- Mage’s healing ability was slightly nerfed. Health does not restore as quick anymore.
- Servers MOTD now states what map is currently being played.
- Huge map update! New variations of current maps.


- Wave V of Sabotage maps have been added, bringing 10 awesome new maps to the servers.


- Sephel announced that map tweaks, and a new lobby will be introduced to Smash soon!

Hardcore PVP

- We extensively investigated the lag issues on Main and Badger, we temporarily disabled Cloakers to see if that was the issue.
- The lag issue had been resolved! The reason for the intense lag was because of Cloakers. An alternative method for Cloakers wll be implemented in the future.
- Chest tags were added as the alternative method to Cloakers.


- Sephel is now a Primary Admin. Congratulations! Read the interview we had with him.
- Tealfox, Riles3 and Dubaldo were all added as trial moderators. Congratulations, and good luck!





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