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The Achilles kit reduces damage that comes from non-wooden swords (so, for example, a stone sword, or an iron ingot). However, wooden items such as swords and sticks do increased damage to the kit user. This is a particularly strong kit later in the game. However, early on, you may find it difficult!

Here are my top tips for the Achilles kit:

  • Just after invincibility, most people will only have a wooden sword. Avoid these people at all costs! Their swords will do as much damage as a diamond sword to you. Focus on killing people with stone or iron swords as they won’t hurt you by nearly as much. To counter this, simply carry a wooden sword with you at all times – check the bar at the top of your screen to see what kit the opposing player is, and then switch swords accordingly.
  • Be confident and don’t be afraid to attack people! Later on, people will have iron and diamond swords – particularly around the feast. Their strong swords won’t hurt you nearly as much as wooden ones, and you can use this to your advantage by getting in some combos and strafing them. If they do have a wooden sword, you need to try and get away or play safe as the weapon will really hurt your health bar.
  • Achilles is great for teaming. If you attack someone, they will have to decide whether or not to switch to a wooden sword to kill you, the Achilles, or use a stronger sword to kill your teammate.

Status Update


- Brand new promotion! Get a 3 month subscription and receive a free T-Shirt.
- We have made excellent progress into fixing the lag with the servers.

Hardcore Games

- Checkpoint kit has been released for everyone!
- Achilles kit has been released for PRO subscribers. It will be available to everyone on Friday!
- Recent HG Kit Rotation 
- Beastmaster and Rhino to be retired.
- New biomes are soon to be added!


- The End has been opened!


We’ve been focusing hard on fixing the lag issues, but don’t worry — updates will come soon! We have some big plans for the future including a HUB and some exciting changes for our gamemodes.


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