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We have recently added a new payment method for purchasing credits, Bitcoins.

A Bitcoin is a new form of electronic currency.  If you are unfamiliar with Bitcoins, check out some of the links below:


How to make a purchase using Bitcoins:

Making a Bitcoin purchase on our site is very similar to making a Paypal purchase.  After selecting how many credits you want and clicking the “Buy Credits” button, the payment pop up box appears:

Currently, only credits can be purchased.  We hope to add subscriptions soon!

Payment Modal


At the bottom of the box you will see the Pay via Bitcoin option.  Choosing this option will show the payment button.  Click this button to be taken to the Coinbase checkout page:

Bitcoin PaymentCoinbase Checkout


Follow the directions on their page to complete the payment.  You will have the options to either send the Bitcoins from your wallet, send from your account if you have one, or setup a new account.  Once the transaction is complete, you will be redirected back to the MCPVP website.  Like Paypal, it may take several moments for the credits to appear on your account.

If you have any problems during the process, please send us an email at:  Be sure to include your player name in your email.


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