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Today we’re introducing an exciting, new hardcore PVP server called Elite. Unlike Main and Badger, Elite has some features disabled

  • You cannot enchant armor or swords. Everything else can be enchanted.
  • You cannot brew any potions.
  • There is no economy on the server, meaning player to player trades will have to be organized. This means there is no currency.
  • You cannot breed mooshrooms. This will make players who own a mooshroom more valuable. Mooshrooms can be captured, though.
  • You cannot set a /warp in the nether, however you can set your /home there, and your /team hq can be set in the nether.
  • There is a 10,000 map border.
  • The warps for each rank are: MVP 20 warps, VIP 10 warps, NONE 5 warps.
  • Combat adapted to 1.7-style gameplay.

The Elite server is designed to be much more difficult than the Main and Badger servers. So what are you waiting for? Get on the server and start developing as quickly as you can!



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6 Responses to “New Minecraft PVP Server: Elite”

  1. Kyle_Active1

    i would have economy and be able to buy stuff to make ur base harder to raid too, i was at 6000,6000 blocks away and still; got raided

  2. Kyle_Active1

    Ur items disappear when u die, u cant breed mooshrooms ;/ wouldnt quite recommend this server