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Here’s a list of some stuff that is supposed to be added in the Minecraft 1.6 update. When the update is launched on Monday, we will begin to update all of our servers, as well as restart the maps on the Hardcore servers.

We want to make sure that these changes don’t affect our games in a negative way, here’s how we plan to handle some of the changes:

Strength 1 will give +130% attack damage. Strength 2 will give +260% attack damage.

This has potential to affect CTF, Zone Control, Hardcore Games, Kit PvP and the Hardcore servers. We are making sure that strength isn’t overpowered, whether that means recoding Strength 2 to be less powerful (similar to the Minor Potion of Healing on Hardcore Games) or removing it altogether. 


Health and Regeneration potions will be buffed.

If Health and Regeneration potions are buffed, that would have a huge effect on the Chemist class on CTF and Zone Control, and on the Hardcore servers. We are making sure that they aren’t over-powered. 



This really only has potential to affect the Hardcore Servers. Horses can run really fast and might be OP around spawn. We’re going to leave them in and give it a shot; if we need to disable them within 512 blocks of spawn, or the entire map, we will. A Horse kit and/or Rider buff for Hardcore Games would definitely be in order.


Absorption and Health Boost effects

Two new potion effects called Absorption and Health Boost may be included in the update. Absorption will add 2 hearts of absorption health that cannot be replenished by eating, regeneration potions or other natural effects. Health Boost will add 2 hearts of base health.

These effects will not have a huge impact on any of our gamemodes because Health Boost is unobtainable by players, and Absorption can only be obtained by eating golden apples. (We plan to leave this effect on the Hardcore Servers.)

Both of these effects also open up a lot of possibilities for new Hardcore Games kits, CTF and Zone Control classes and may even allow our coders to change the amount of extra hearts a player can have.


To sum it up, we’re going to adapt to changes in this new update to ensure our players continue to have a great experience. Hopefully, we’ll have a lot of new fun stuff to play with.



3 Responses to “Minecraft 1.6: Rumored Changes and How They Will Affect Our Servers”

  1. Canisfighter

    I do not insertand the problem with horses?? Wil they be in hg or not ?

  2. Tannker

    Hey, mcpvp i have heard you can change ur name if so, will it ruin hg stats or effect have vip, mvp, pro and kits?