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Even if you have already watched our live-streams, you should read on. This post is all about our Twitch channel, our Twitch team, and the many ways you can participate!

How to Watch:

It’s easy! Just point your browser to On the left side, you will see several Twitch channels – each one is owned by a different McPVP player.

The channels that are currently live will be at the top of the list and will show a viewer count to the right of their name. Just click on a channel name to start watching!

(Alternatively, click on their stream link to go to their direct channel page, which lets you see the stream chat. We often do giveaways for our followers and communicate with the viewers in chat.)

The official channel is called simply “McPVP.” Although we can’t stream 24/7, we have many partnered channels on our team so there is almost always a channel streaming something interesting on McPVP!

Don’t forget to click “follow all” at the top of the Team page! Following our channels helps support every stream on the team and we often do follower-only giveaways.

How to Play With Us:

Just watch the stream and see what we’re up to! The official channel is almost always doing something that involves the viewers – sometimes it’s a special game on our Event Server, and sometimes we’re just playing Hardcore Games and showing the IP as we join a game.

(Follow us to each HG and team with us or try to kill us! Both are fun.)

How to Join the Stream Team:

Do you stream McPVP servers on your own Twitch channel? Send us an application to join the team!

The only requirements to be on the official stream team are that you have to stream mainly Minecraft on your channel, and mainly McPVP servers.

Don’t worry about your viewer count. If you’re fun and friendly and you stream mostly McPVP, it doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 500 regular viewers. You’ll get lots more from being featured on the official channel.

Click here to learn how to apply to the team.


P.S. Want to know more about the Event server? Check out my earlier blog post about how to participate in and contribute new game and event ideas to be featured on the server and/or stream.


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