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The Lifeline kit allows you to use your lifeline to connect to others, creating a visible line between you and the connected person. Right clicking the line on a player will create a healing line, healing them for 25 seconds and has a cooldown of a minute. Left clicking a player will create a draining line, which will drain the person that it’s attached to and heal you instead for 25 seconds, and has a cooldown of 2 minutes. This kit is perfect for being aggressive and self-reliant, or for being a very useful teammate when teaming.

My top tips for this kit include:

  • Team with friends. You can heal your team-mates by right clicking, which is particularly useful when they’re in the middle of a fight… or if they are are very low on health.
  • Be aggressive. The Lifeline kit also has the offensive ability to drain enemies, this means while fighting, you can heal yourself while dealing damage to enemies.
  • Trick other teams! Your draining ability is really handy when confronting enemy teams, especially when solo. Use the kit to tactically kill enemies while healing yourself.

Weekly Update!

Hardcore Games
- A Gold dupe with Salvager has been patched.
- Array and Backpacker have been retired.
- HG Kits have been rotated.
- Lifeline kit released.
Capture the Flag
CTF Games are now Best of 3. No more constant reconnecting!
We’re looking primarily for EU CTF moderators.


Zone Control
21 new maps! Which one’s your favorite?


- The Smash montage contests ends in 2 days! Make sure you’ve submitted it if you made one!


- Instincct and Birdgirl24 are now full moderators. Congrats!
- IraIraIra is a trial moderator for HG.
- NicolasAlacrino and yagoncs are the first 2 Brazilian trial moderators.

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