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Reminder: Any soup “technique” that uses a macro or hotkey to automate souping for you, is not allowed.

Hey all, today I’ll be talking about a few of the soup techniques that you can use to pvp better. If you’re new to Hardcore Games or using soup, you can read more about it and get the recipes here.

Basic Souping

This technique is the basis for all soup, and is a huge step to begin with.

The location of your sword is also important, the general position is the first slot (from the 9 slots that are visible at all times).

In that case, the pattern is as follows:


This is the press order of your keyboard, with 1 being your sword, you block hit (thus drinking the soup) while switching like this.

So basically, a better way to see it is as:

Hit, Soup #1, Hit, Soup #2, Hit, … -> Hit, Soup #8

This may seem a bit complicated at first, but try it out and you will be a master! Do know that failure is part of the process. :)


Advanced Souping – Quickdropping

Quickdropping is dropping your empty bowls while you are eating them so they can be refilled easily. The act of quickdropping is sometimes frowned upon by some of the players, but don’t let that stop you! It’s a legitimate strategy and very clever to say the least, but also has an annoying downside.

Put your drop key to the position of your sword, so let’s say we use slot 1. As you eat soup, you switch back to your sword, and the soup you just ate is dropped.

The obvious downside to this is dropping things that shouldn’t be dropped. Especially if you’re a less-organized souper (Like me, I usually pick a lot of random soups instead of going down the row).

Also your sword is a bad target to drop too, which might happen a lot if you tend to press keys double.

This strategy is very useful for KitPVP though, since you can’t drop your sword or full soups there.


Advanced Souping – Refilling/Switching

The technique replaces empty soups as fast as possible. There are two known methods for this.

Method 1:

You hold shift and get rid of any empty soups (note that with quickdropping the soup should already be gone!)

Then you shift exactly the other way with new soup, who will fall into place.

Method 2:

For this, you open up your inventory and use your number keys to switch the soups with any items in the position.

So if slot 1 is your sword, you’ll want to replace 2-9 with new soups. You hover over the soup and press 2, then again on another soup for 3, etc.

This way, you don’t have to get rid of any of the items in your inventory.

Both these methods are hard to use and will require loads of practice to use correctly, but once you get the grasp on them, your pvp will be superior to those who can’t soup.


I hope you all learned something from this! Enjoy, and thanks for reading.


6 Responses to “How to Use Soup for PVP”

  1. 2Subway2

    Quickdropping is either too difficult to do with a slower computer like mine, and i dont like the idea of getting rid of the bowls u need. Soon enough after enough quickdropping your gonna run out of bowls to refill your soup in… I like the inventory and then shifting method more.

  2. _Kle0patra_

    Cmon guys, WHY? WHY you tell every n00b how to quickdrop in a pussy way? Let them practise the hard way where you need skill, not just setting drop key to 1. Those skillless noobs get me angry and you are recruiting some new ones, thank you for making all the REAL Quickdroppers raging -.-

    • killacraft

      Calm down, the way with 1 is legit, let the noobs use it. (Note: I quickdrop with Q ) If you think you have skill you can beat them anyway.