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Having trouble running Minecraft 1.6.2? Try updating to the latest version of Java!
Click here to update.



1. Mojang released a new Launcher which is required in order to play on versions after 1.5.2.

2. Open the new Launcher, you should see something like this:

3. Press “Edit Profile” on the far right, and a window like this will appear:

4. Now you will want to choose the latest version, pick 1.6.2 in this case, and then press “Save Profile.

5. Then Log-in with your Minecraft username and password as you would normally, and you’ll be on the latest version.

Thankfully, the new launcher makes it really easy to downgrade upgrade your version of Minecraft. You simply edit the current profile in the launcher, and choose a different version. Remember, though, the new launcher is a necessity if you want to play on versions past 1.5.2.

If you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

One Response to “How to Upgrade to Minecraft 1.6.2”

  1. Zeke19056

    Does this new launcher change the way we have to download optifine and the MCPvP mod on mac?