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Hey everyone! We’ve recently had some big changes and updates and I wanted to share them all with you.

Forum Updates

If you don’t already know, the forums is a place where the community can come together and discuss kit strategies, talk about their favorite kits or suggest their own kit ideas. If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you go to the forums and make an account now, and become a part of the lively group.

The forums host many discussions. Feel free to post your own kit ideas, gamemode suggestions or complaints about something going on in our servers. Post your Hardcore Games experience in one of our sections, or talk about some of the strategies you use in Sabotage, CTF or Super Smash PVP. Many members of the community also give away some prizes in the ‘Contests’ section, so being active and contributing to the forums is definitely worthwhile. We’ve already got over 30,000 registered users and are fast-approaching 300,000 total posts on the forms.

Recently, huge changes were made to the forums which hopefully you’ll find pretty cool. I’ll go through all the updates now!


It’s pretty insane to think the forums have gone on so long without the use of avatars. Avatars allow people to upload an image of certain dimensions, and is shown whenever they make a post. Most people are using their skin’s head as their avatar, and it’s already proven to be a big hit!

Colored Usernames

Staff will now have colored usernames based on their in-game rank. Primary admins for example, will have red names, and moderators will have purple, italic names. I’m sure you’ll come across someone with a different colored forum name as you start browsing topics.


People were unhappy when we changed the forum theme to black/grey. We changed it so it would match the main website design, and so we could fit the bar along the left hand side of the forums. We decided that we should let people choose what theme they want to use. Colors include orange, red, blue, green and grey. To choose your desired color, go to your user control panel, press Edit Profile, and find “Forum Settings” – in there, you can choose what theme you like.

More Medals!

Medals distinguish staff on the forums, along with their colored usernames. Each medal represents what they are staff on. If the medal is gold, it means they have banning permissions on that server. If the medal is silver, it means they can only kick and mute.

It is never too late to come and join the forum community. Everyone is very welcoming, and we would love for more people to engage in discussions and idea threads. As long as you aren’t aggressive or mean, you’re going to fit in perfectly. So what are you waiting for? So come and join the forums – now!


Super Smash PVP Updates

Along with the fantastic forum changes that were made, the Smash servers were also tweaked and improved. Four new Smash kits were added. And now, everyone gets to trial each kit 5 times – and they get a choice of a permanent free kit.

Blink and Toshi are no longer free kits, so you need to pick a kit (free of charge) from the website. We recommend you use your trials wisely so you get the Smash kit which suits your needs. Once you choose your permanent free kit, you cannot swap it.

Here’s some info on the new Super Smash PVP kits. You can purchase them here.


Has a weight of 1.5, meaning he is 50% heavier than the other classes. This means his double jump is a little bit weaker, but he is much harder to knock off due to his weight. When he lands, fireballs shoot out in all directions around him. Browser also has a ground pound which is stronger than Toshi’s, which can be used when in the air.


With the Doctor kit, you start with two mushrooms. Your red mushroom does the same as a golden apple, removing all of your Smash level. You can use this twice per game. Your brown mushroom gives you speed and damage boosts. You can use this once per game.


The Garth class allows you to charge up your sword, similar to the homerun bat (but less powerful) to hit people with more knockback. You have a triple knockback, your first 2 jumps shoot you forward and higher, your third just shoots you up!


The Louis class has boots that allow you to perform 3 jumps, instead of the default 2. You also have a bone which does no physical knockback, but builds up their Smash level making them easier to knock off.


So what are you waiting for? Log on to and play now!

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