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Remember that game Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 64 and the Gamecube?

We recently saw a sweet video on Youtube by Sethbling about a Smash Bros Minecraft map that he made. It’s an awesome idea, and after watching the video we got inspired.

It reminded me of an old server we used to know called Cookieslap, which basically is a pvp mini-game with the goal of knocking people off a platform. Every time you get hit your “bounciness” level builds up and up, so each hit after that sends you flying further than the last. We immediately noticed the similiarities between Cookieslap and Smash Brothers and thought it would be a great gamemode to offer our players.

So, we got to brainstorming and we decided to make a similar type of server: MCSmash. CoderTim has been working on it for the last week, and we’re really excited to show you what we’ve come up with. I got a chance to take part in an Alpha test of it the other day and it was freakin’ sweet.

Here is a sneak peek at the server:

More details coming soon!

18 Responses to “Coming Soon: Super Smash PVP –”

  1. honu1

    Will there be some servers where you have lives not the amount of kills you get?

  2. Deblob167

    Oh wow this looks amazing! Lol It looks exactly like the game! Are they always gonna be the same testers or will their be some added or do you just go on anytime they annouce it and they will be considered a test?

  3. xXBuettnerXx

    OMG I know cookieslap! I play all the time!!!! Sounds AWESOME!


  4. Dasunler

    This looks interesting I saw Cookieslap Before.BTW , I code a little also Not as pro as you guys do But i can code,Im sure your gonna say no Like “Were full” Etc but i dont mind But now that i think of it Supersmash bro kits are easy to make =/
    Even a simple Plugin Can make it P_P
    But i dont do that.

  5. Maxx2754

    Wow! I can’t wait for it to come out (partially because it looks awesome and partially because Coasted says when coders are done coding this they will start working on CTF)!!! I also would like to know if we could build maps for the server! Thanks McPVP for giving us all you can :D Good luck and best regards,

  6. wyattgeorge

    HOLY SHIT YES this is going to be awesome, but how many people will be in each game (i think 4 should be right) and are there going to be a kit system similar to sethblings map? and does it run on command blocks like sethblings map? or is it just a plugin?

  7. mrdrprofesser

    That brings me back to the ol’ days :D . Coming home after school to cookies and milk and Super Smash Bros. I’m glad i’ll be able to experience that again but in a way more hardcore style and on my favorite server community.

  8. frankicac

    This looks great but what is with Race of Death i kinda think the Race is better than this :/ but that’s just me folks!

  9. firepoc243

    btw i commented first so none of you little noobs can say otherwise :P