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One of the biggest time-wasters in the Hardcore Games is crafting. It’s slow and annoying and can take up time that could be better of spent gathering mushrooms or iron. Here are a few tips to help simplify and speed up your crafting so you spend less time at a crafting table and more time on the front lines.

Tip #1 Workbench Crafting

When crafting a workbench, add 2 extra wooden planks on either side to create sticks as well as the workbench. This will help you make a sword and tools much faster. Always remember to hold shift and then click the items so that they will go straight into your inventory.

Tip #2 Crafting Tools

When crafting tools, remember you can get multiple tools at the same time quickly. By overlapping crafting recipes, you can get both a pick and a shovel at the same time.

Tip #3 Crafting Bowls

Bowls are very important when it comes to making soup, but don’t waste time by placing planks into each spot individually. To speed this up simply left click and drag a stack of planks across the center row. Then move the center stack down one and shift click the bowls into your inventory. This will make crafting bowls much faster.

Tip #4 Crafting Soup

When crafting soup, it’s very easy to fill up your inventory on accident and not have any place to put your leftover bowls and mushrooms. To fix this simply right click one of each item into your inventory before you start crafting your soup. Then when you’re finished crafting your soup, simply shift click the leftover items back into your inventory and they will stack with the mushrooms and bowls that you already have and you won’t need to worry about not having enough room for your leftovers.

Tip #5 Faster Furnaces

It’s much easier to cook large amounts of iron if you use several furnaces to do it. Save time by crafting all your furnaces at once by left click dragging your cobblestone around the edge of the crafting table. This will spread the cobblestone out evenly allowing you to make multiple furnaces at once. This is much faster than crafting by clicking 1 cobblestone at a time.

Tip #6 Crafting Armor

Now that your iron is done cooking, it’s time to craft some armor. Craft armor quickly by doing multiple pieces at the same time. Simply put the recipes on the crafting table in this order Pants > Helmet > Boots or Chestplate > Helmet > Boots then shift click the icon and see all 3 pieces of armor craft at the same time.

Tip #7 Keeping a Clean Inventory

It’s important to keep a clean inventory so that you can re-soup faster or access items easier. One way to save time with this is by double-clicking items to stack them. Simply double click one item and if it’s a stackable item, all the other items will stack in the slot you clicked. This works very well with removing empty soup bowls from your hotbar after a fight.

Tip #8 Smart Armor Crafting Tips

Sometimes it can be confusing about what armor is going to help you the most, especially if you only have a little iron to craft with. The best strategy is always make an iron sword first as the extra damage you’ll deal is better than extra armor.

Also remember that while a helmet requires 5 iron to make and boots require 4 iron to make, they both offer the same amount of protection in fights so make the boots before you make the helmet because they cost 1 iron less and they have a higher durability. But if you don’t have enough armor to make a chestplate or pants as well then make a chestplate or pants first.

Here is a helpful chart to make sure you get the most power out of the iron you use. Remember a helmet should ONLY ever be made if you have enough iron to create a full set of armor.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful! If you have any tips as well, leave them as a comment below.

4 Responses to “8 Crafting Tips to Save Time in the Hardcore Games”

  1. DaBeastlyBrandon

    Hey, I’ve seen you do this in most of your vids, but you are able to drop an entire stack of an item without dragging it out, how do you do this?

  2. dodgybrothers

    Thanks BadBoy.

    Although I knew some of this stuff, It was still very helpful. Good job, I hope you make more tutorials ^_^