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A lot of great HG kits are underrated and rarely played because they aren’t super simple to play. That can make it hard to imagine a situation in which they would be useful. Many of these kits are actually quite good. Here are six that I’ve found to be particularly useful.

1. Grandpa

This kit was originally intended to be a “joke” kit, but it’s actually really effective for one thing: Keeping people away from you. In towers, you can easily knock people off with one hit. Even on the ground, it’s pretty good for keeping some distance between you and the person you’re fighting.

2. Crafter

This kit is highly underrated. At the start of the game, just get logs and soup material and hide somewhere to craft. You’ll never get caught making a sword or bowls when invincibility runs out. Later in the game, it’s good for making more bowls on the go or smelting iron for armor while you’re hunting.

3. Spiderman

It seems like it’d be too difficult to pull off, but a perfectly-placed snowball toss can be helpful in a lot of situations. Practice your aim, and this kit can be really good for slowing people down and making traps.

4. Reaper

If you don’t have a ton of soup on you, timing is really important when hot-keying. Using Reaper on your opponent near the end of the fight can really mess them up. While it’s not the most versatile kit, it can be effective in regular fights.

5. Decoy

If you’re teaming, this isn’t the best kit. But by yourself, it’s a really good kit no matter how you choose to play. If you’re hunting, it will keep people off of your trail. If you’re making a trap, people won’t be able to track you while you set it up. You can even incorporate the decoy into the trap!

6. Timelord

Timelord was once overused, but now I rarely run into them. It’s a bit tricky to get down at first, but once you can react quickly and freeze at the right time, it really is an awesome kit. Tip: Use it as you’re backing away from your opponent and you need to refill your soups.

A huge advantage to using some of these lesser-known kits, as opposed to popular kits like Grappler, Madman, or Kangaroo, is the surprise factor. Most people aren’t prepared to fight kits like these, and if you know how to use them properly, you can win a lot of games.


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