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What are your thoughts of this kit rotation? Let us know in the comments section below!

16 Responses to “16th August 2013 Kit Rotation”

  1. racgiman

    YESH ARCHER :D you will die fast if your within 30 blocks of me >:D

  2. dodgybrothers

    I’m undecided. I don’t think archer should be free, because it’s the end of towers……

  3. kelsy1

    this is a great kit rotation i think it would be perfect for begginers and people who keep getting killed alot so they could exact their revenge

    • Wiki_Kiki

      Every kit has a chance to be in the free kits (with the exception of AoE kits such as Madman or Digger)…

    • iammcpvp

      It is the worst kit rotation. i mean, tank! its a good kit! its not worth being free! but im also concerned about frosty since people will get tons of combos because of snow. im not concerned about archer.

  4. Pelle48

    Umm … maybe switch the tank kit to boxer or something … tank is too 0P

  5. artucov99

    I really like it, good job mcpvp ^^ I’m not so sure about tank but whatever. Also, I really liked the picture instead of text. :D