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A new series of interviews will take place where we ask our current trial moderators questions and post their answers here. Want a daily insight into what it’s like to be a trial moderator? Then look no further! Enjoy.


 = MagsTM

 = GreatLordOz



How long have you been playing MCPVP? How did you find MCPVP?


  I’ve been playing on MCPVP since May 2012, so around two and a half years. I found MCPVP through my cousins who had previously found CTF. As a group we played quite a bit of CTF before discovering the wonders that were HG and moving there for almost the next year or two of our MCPVP experience.


 I have been playing on this account since May 11th, 2013, but I originally played on a friend’s account who didn’t play Minecraft which was right before Sabotage launched. I’ll never reveal that name however. ;D I found MCPVP by scrolling through a server list and here I am today!


What server/gamemode do you currently moderate?


 I currently am a trial-moderator on McSmash, which was re-released a few months back after it was closed Summer 2014.


 I currently moderate Sabotage.


What is the hardest thing about being a trial moderator?


 After the first weeks or so I would definitely say the hardest part of being a trial is the small but existing pressure to ban hackers. After moderating for an hour or so and a hacker still hasn’t shown up I kinda get nervous about not recording any bans, but in reality there’s no requirement to how many need to banned or any time requirement, so it’s more of a personal worry. :P


 The hardest thing about being a moderator is being told no. There will be so many things you want to do as a moderator when you get the position, but there are guidelines that you have to follow as well. You shouldn’t just ban people you don’t like, although there may be times when you really want to (Not going to lie xD).

In addition to that, as a moderator, you have to understand that the admin team has final say with decisions. You will have amazing ideas that you think of and some of them will be able to be implemented to help the gamemode you moderate. There will be some ideas that you think are great, but others don’t think so or there isn’t time to code what you would personally like to see. All in all, that is perfectly fine and something that you will need to accept. It will be frustrating at times, but you have to take criticism from everyone else and develop yourself as not only a moderator but as a person in and out of the game as well.

My time so far as a moderator has been amazing and I have learned valuable skills that I use both in the game and can carry over that confidence outside the game in school and work. Being a moderator on MCPVP is one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever have.

What is your favorite thing about being a trial moderator?


  I’d say my favorite part is definitely the opportunity you’re given vocal wise. When you have something to say, people are bound to listen whether it be relaying kit ideas, giving feedback on tutorial ideas, or just talking with the Smash community as a whole. I like to be in a position where my thoughts matter and I am able to get things done.


 My favorite part is helping out the community that I serve; my Sabotage family I have on here. Everyone greets me in a polite way and if they ever have anything wrong with their daily lives, they talk to me about it and I offer them advice. If there are any game related problems or player issues, I try my best to address those problems and solve them so the community can enjoy playing the gamemode and not have any additional stress. If any player has a suggestion, I also take into account and document every idea someone says and I bring it up at planning meetings so the community’s ideas might become a reality. I love being a moderator because I can be that person that people look towards to be a role model and am there to provide the support that sometimes, many people don’t get in real life.


What made you want to become a trial moderator?


  I first wanted to apply for staff back in 2013 on Sabotage, actually! I was very dedicated to the awesome community over there and at least three of my friends I talked to every day on Sab/Skype were mods, so the role interested me. I quit for a year or so, but when Smash was re-opened I decided to hop back on and was given a chance at chat moderator (to kick AFKers) by Wiki. Jacob ended up opening applications around that time as well so I took the opportunity and was contacted a month or so later.


 At first, I was always an outspoken member of the community. I always tried to go above and beyond and report players who repeatedly caused problems, help catch hackers and provide support for the moderator team. In all honesty, I didn’t really think of becoming a mod during that time, but I hit a major road block. There came to be a point where when I talked to people who were acting irrationally, I would always get the line, “You’re not a moderator, I don’t have to listen to you and you can’t do anything about it.” That pushed me to apply because I saw that my efforts to help make the Sabotage community a better place would be amplified if I had the commands of a moderator.

So I applied and what do you know, I was accepted! The purple name tag doesn’t really mean a whole lot for me, it’s the power and influence I obtained that really allowed me to continue helping out the community. I was able to ban hackers, and mute and kick players who warranted those actions. I love this community and I would do anything for you Sabotage players, because without you, I wouldn’t have a job to do : ) I will continue to push for different changes to benefit the community as well, because the community should always come first.


What tips and advice would you give to people wanting to become a trial moderator?


 If you want trial moderator, don’t do it for the purple name and PRO that comes with it. Get out there, be friendly, give ideas and feedback, make some friends, and want to help the gamemode you love the most. If you truly care, someone important will notice, so don’t think you’re helping for nothing. When it comes to applying, quality over quantity. You don’t need to write a 3000 word essay as your application. Be patient!


 Here are my tips:

  • Always stay level headed and calm. If you cannot compose yourself and handle a situation, you are not going to be able to help it. You have to have a thick skin as a moderator because people will be jealous that you have powers that they don’t have. It is more positive than negative though, so I don’t want you to get the wrong idea that everyone is going to hate you now. You will be looked up to as a role model that people want to become, so make sure you leave a lasting, positive impression on the community you moderate.

  • The next tip might be a little confusing. Don’t try to become a moderator for the position, but what you can do with the position instead. You get a purple name and can fly around and everything, but make sure you are willing to do the job that is required of you. At times being a moderator can be stressful when there are 50 hackers in a game, the chat is being spammed, and there are game breaking bugs all at the same time. Try your best to fix all of those things but don’t be afraid to ask for help in the process. The role of a moderator is a community role. You should actively be involved with the community both before and after you become a moderator. The community is your biggest contribution to your rank in all honesty. I need help sometimes and when there are multiple hackers and other moderators are not online, I ask members of the community to branch off and keep an eye on people so I don’t miss anyone.

  • The most important tip I have is to be yourself. Not everyone can become a moderator, so whether you are a moderator or not, do not become discouraged and act differently in either position. I was blessed with the opportunity to become a moderator, but if I was denied during the application process, I would have continued to do what I was doing before; helping the community and being an asset to the staff instead of a problem. Continue to be helpful, active and kind to other community members and the staff. You never know, I might be talking to one of you guys in the future as a fellow moderator : )


Some really insightful answers there – big thanks to GreatLordOz and MagsTM for participating in the interview. Want to help out and join our trial moderator team? Click here to apply.


If you have any ideas for future questions to be answered by other trial moderators, leave them in a comment, and who knows – I might pick yours to be asked. Next post should be sometime this week, stay tuned!


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Hey! This is all of the big events that have happened in September, and early October! Sorry for being a bit late with this, enjoy!

- Vote for MCPVP to earn XP! Learn about this change here!
- Pets have been released! Make sure you check them out and find your furry little pal! – Check them out here
- XP Boosts have been added, you can purchase them or, purchase a rank! Learn more about the XP boosts here
- Mojang has been bought by Microsoft, which means the EULA has been lifted! Learn about how this change affects MCPVP, here
- MCPVP now has an official page! Learn more here.

- HG Kits have been rotated! Check here for the newest rotation!
- A changelog, of all current and on-going changes can be found here.
- Alakazam1313 suskamuska, nintendo_guy, MiningRyoHD, Lost Resurge have all been added as HG trials! Good luck to them!

- Remember the good old maps? Have a good idea to get one back into rotation? Click here to find more info on this!

- There is a new map rotation system, that gives the power to players, to choose which maps go, and which maps stay. Check here to see the the results for the first rotation, and click here to vote for the second update!
- ImThatGuyPT is the newest Sabotage trial! Wish him luck!

Maze Runner:
- Changes have been proposed, and new abilities may be added soon! Check here for more updates on this!
- ma56nin9, and AcestersBlue, have both been added as Maze Runner trial’s, wish them luck!

Kit PvP:
- All old timers, remember the 2nd Kits Map? Check it out! Strength l was also added, as a default, and commands like /speed and /strength have been fixed! Make sure to submit a Kit PvP map, if you have one!

- Next reset is Friday, October 10th, see here for details!

- Two major bugs have been fixed, thanks to TISSIN and Pluto1099!

Post written by BlueGuyARed & Pluto1099

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Hey MCPVPers!

Today we’re going to start a new blog post series. Each month, an update will be posted to the blog, detailing everything that’s happened over the past few weeks. If nothing news-worthy has happened, the post will be skipped – But recently there have been enough changes that it’s a good time to summarize them, in case you happened to miss some of them.

Let’s get right to it!


- Minecraft 1.8 has been released! However, to play on McPvP, you must stay on Minecraft 1.7.10, since Bukkit (and thus McPvP) hasn’t updated yet! Check out this post by NomNuggetNom to learn how to change your version.

- Congratulations to fabio_280801 and OlracLOL, the two newest Hardcore Games trial moderators!

- McPvP is now selling credits again. You can read about the details here.

Hardcore Games:

- The Jellyfish kit has been released for PROs! It gives you the power to create temporary pools of water by right clicking a block with your fist. If an enemy steps into your water, he will be stung and take damage. You can use this kit to climb towers, run away from players, and cool off if you’re on fire! It will be released to the public this Friday.

- Kits have been rotated! Check out this post for the details.

Capture the Flag:

- A Medic rework has been proposed! Read all about it here.

- The CTF livestream is accepting applications for Streamer and Commentator! To apply, visit this forum post.


- Wave VII of Sabotage maps has been released! 10 new maps and one revamped map have been released. You can see the full list of new maps right here.


- If you hack on your alt account, all of your accounts will now be banned. This is because of an increasing amount of people hacking on alts, and storing the loot with their main account until they get banned.


Thanks for reading this update!

Post written by nintendo_guy

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In preperation for required Mojang EULA changes, MCPVP is having a huge sale on all our existing products. Anything you buy before August 1st, you WILL be able to keep. Now is your chance to purchase credits before we stop selling them! In the coming weeks, we will be announcing our post EULA changes.


  • Credits - Get three times the credits! You get to keep your credits even if you don’t use them all before August 1st.
    • 1500 credits (6 kits) for $5 – 4 free kits!
    • 3750 credits (15 kits) for $10 – 10 free kits!
    • 9000 credits (36 kits) for $20 – 28 free kits!
    • 21000 credits (84 kits) for $40 – 68 free kits!
  • Premium Accounts – Get a lifetime subscription for VIP, MVP or PRO! This is your only chance to purchase lifetime subscriptions.
    • VIP – $25
    • MVP – $50
    • PRO – $100

Click here to buy credits that can be used to purchase kits for any game mode.


Click here to purchase a lifetime premium level.


This sale ends July 31st and you will never be able to purchase credits or lifetime accounts again!


These sales, and the things you purchase, will be EULA complaint given our pending changes.



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Almost any server you come across will have some variation of “parkour”. If you’ve never heard if this, then fear not—this guide should really help you out. And even if you are a veteran player, there are likely tricks here that will substantially improve your parkour skills. But first off, what do we mean by “parkour”? In the most simple sense, Minecraft parkour refers to “obstacle courses which require a series of jumps to reach the finish”.

This guide will cover general parkour  tips and tricks, rather than covering specific parkour scenarios. If at any point you’d like to practice your parkour, connect to in your Minecraft client. There you will find parkours of every level of difficulty. You can even track your best times at and compete with others if you’d like! Let’s get started with some tips and tricks:


1) Know the basics of Minecraft controls.

Parkour maps will be really difficult for you if you haven’t mastered the basics of Minecraft movement. If you don’t know how to do things like “sneaking to avoid falling off the edge” and “running jumps”, then read up on the basic controls here before going any further.

2) Know your limits.

Do you know the maximum distance you can jump after getting a running start? If you don’t, then you might have trouble gauging which jumps are and are not possible for you to make. The more you try and fail jumps, the better sense you will get for your jumping limits. But as a general rule of thumb, know that you can never jump further than 4 blocks—that is, you can clear a gap of 4 empty spaces. Similarly, you can also clear gaps of 3-over and 1-up spaces. See below for pictures of the described jumps:

You will encounter maaaany more different types of jumps than just these two, but knowing these should get you through most basic parkours.

3) Look down while jumping.

While you might know your limits, it can be difficult to get the timing of the jumps down. Perhaps you tend to jump too late, or too early. One thing that has helped my wife clear gaps of 4 (who admittedly isn’t very good at parkour) is staring at the floor while you are running and preparing to jump. Then once you get slightly past the edge with your middle cursor, jump! This will take a little practice, but it really helps. After mastering this, you might even be able to clear large gaps without looking down.

4) Master the “jump start”.

This one is a little tricky to describe. Basically what you want to do is instead of getting a running start, you want to get a jumping start before jumping again to clear the gap. While not required, this tactic is very helpful to ensure that you get close to the max distance as possible in your jump. See the picture below to get an idea of how it’s done:

You won’t always have such a long runway before you jump, so it’s important not to rely on this method. In many cases, as long as you have 3-blocks-worth of run space, you can use this method. You can even skip step 1 above if you find you are able to jump immediately after you begin running. Master this method! It will get you through some of the most difficult jumps.

5) Give yourself room to run before you jump.

The more room you have available to run, the more time you will have to anticipate the correct timing before you jump. To ensure that you get as much room as possible before a jump, sneak by holding “shift” and then back up on the platform until you reach the very edge. Then let go of sneak, and start your running jump. This tactic is especially useful when trying to make a jump from thin platforms such as iron bars and and fence posts.

6) If you get frustrated, try a different parkour.

Parkour is meant to be fun! If you find yourself screaming at your computer, then try something different. It may be that the difficulty of the parkour you are attempting is too high, and you should come back to it later. Or maybe you are just off your game? In any case, it is always better to take a break from that parkour than to sit there seething in anger.

7) Practice makes perfect.

At the end of the day, you will just need to keep on practicing to get better. Before you know it, muscle memory will kick and and those jumps that used to seem impossible to you will become second nature. If you’d like a server with all different difficulty levels of parkour to practice on or just to play on for fun, then our new parkour server by connecting to

Hope these tips help you put your noob friends to shame, best of luck!


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Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the top 3 entries to the HG Custom Structure Contest!


#3 – Stronghold (by suskamuska)

Structure Rarity: Rare

Biomes: Jungle, Plains, Savannah

Other Info: Many of the blocks in this structure are riddled with silverfish.

I chose this structure because it is one of the larger ones submitted that looks nice both inside and out, and isn’t too cluttered inside. It also reminds me a lot of the Minecraft addon Hexxit, which if you’ve played you know is awesome. This structure makes for a great fortress and hideout for players who wish claim it as their own. It’s very dungeon-esque; almost like a mini-biome in and of itself. I can picture some epic battles happening here!


#2 – Advent Sword (by SpeedArrow)

Structure Rarity: Rare

Biomes: Plains, Forest, Roofed Forest

Other Info: “The Advent Sword is a monument from immemorial times, it’s said to be the sword of the first Hardcore Games’ winner, but it’s now a mere ruin, rusted by time.”

I chose this structure because lets face it—its just so badass. It’s a massive sword that looks like it’s fallen from the sky, and it looks like it’s been there awhile. It also has no chests, which I mentioned here that I’m a fan of. It’d just be a very neat, non-intrusive structure to come across in an HG game.


#1 – Hunters Hut (by Nohox)

Structure Rarity: Common

Biomes: Taiga, Mega Taiga

Other Info: “A little hut meant to stand in a taiga forest between the trees. Includes a crafting table, a furnace and a hay block to make some bread as reward. Directly under the furnace is a block of coal ore located, acts as a little ‘secret’ to this structure. Redstone torch for dim light emitting from the hut.”

Why I chose this as #1This quaint little hut has been my personal favorite structure ever since I saw it. Now you may be thinking, “How could you choose a structure for the #1 spot that is so small and simple”? Precisely. That is exactly why I chose it. No one else did what Nohox did. To me this hut is the most creative and unique structure submitted because of how it maintains an immense practicality and usefulness in such a small space. It was also one of the only structures I saw that I feel comfortable making appear as “common” throughout HG.

I just imagine running through the forest after getting off to a terrible start, and then stumbling upon a hunters hut. Everything you need to get started is right there — wood, a crafting table, a furnace, coal, and food. I thought it was especially creative that the author decided not to include a chest, but instead cleverly incorporate all these blocks to make a sort of “essentials kit”. Congratulations Nohox for taking first place! I was very impressed by the creativity and uniqueness of your structure.

Congratulations to the top 3 winners! I will be getting in contact with you all within the next week to discuss rewards. Click here if you need a reminder of what the rewards for top 3 were! If you are looking for another build contest to participate in, check out the recently-started KitPvP map contest.

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Thank you to everyone who participated and for all your wonderful submissions! This was an extremely enjoyable contest to host, and I must say that I was very impressed by the turnout. 

We’ve decided to add 37 of the structures that were submitted; much more than I had originally anticipated. But you’re not complaining, are you?

The contest results will be split into two parts. In the first part (this post), I will reveal all 37 entries that made it in, and of those entries, reveal 10 contenders for the Top 3 prizes. Among these contenders, I will choose the Top 3 and reveal them this weekend after we’ve talked it over as admins.

Good luck!

Hallowed Tree (by StarofWisdom):


Forest Mage Tower (by CyberPixelZ):


Forbidden Graveyard (by Overaite):


Flying Island (by IanSzot):


Crashed UFO (by LemonLimeLife):


Commoner’s Tomb (by TibetanMonk):


Air Packages (by RUNN3R1010):


Wizard’s Tower (by mazemaster909):


Tower Bridge (by RainbowLollipops):


The Hunter’s Hideout (by Hardwarrior):


Abandoned Ruins (by DuckDPVP):


The Witches Tower (by PoisonIII):


The Survivor’s Altar (by Arukii):


The Lone Tower (by spencersayers):


Stronghold Runner (by kingsnivy000):


Sprawling Courtyard (by dotcomdog):


Savanna’s Tomb (by tuckerga):


Sky Tower (by Dezilla):


Ruins (by Treeline1):


Red Mushroom (by MaximLunin):


Random Tomb (by Crowhart and Kyleazle):


Nature Shrine (by CandleKing):


Merchants Tavern and Inn (by AXtrego):


Kinkardin Castle (by CanYouHubTheWub):


Icicle Spear (by VivaPinata78):


Haunted Graveyard (by DerPVPer):


Hell Spire (by _mappy_):


Contestants For The Top 3:


Advent Sword (by SpeedArrow):


Stronghold (by suskamuska):


Hunter’s Hut (by Nohox):


The Monkey King Temple (by MrRandom999):


Giant Clam (by AD2011 & AmorHermoso):


Titan Village (by Justinprozats):


Windmill (by DirectGamerHD & bscherrer):


Witch Hut (by RedBoo123):


Tremendous Treehouse (by 4BeeFour & purple_panda64):


Serpent’s Wrath (by AwesomeRA):


Congratulations to everyone who made it in! Within the next month, I will begin to add all your structures in waves of five to seven at a time. I don’t want to do it all at once, because I need to be careful to balance the spawn rate and biome appearance of each and every structure.

I will make an announcement each time I implement a new wave of structures. Really looking forward to this! Thanks again to all 100 of you who participated!


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For this month, we wanted to mention another mod who has stood out to us — Crowhart. She has done an excellent job of banning hackers and is always helpful to any players who have questions in game and on the forums especially.

We asked her some questions about her time here at MCPVP and being a moderator.

1) When did you start playing MCPVP and when did you become a moderator?

I first started playing MCPVP in May 2012, after I had finished reading the Hunger Games series. My sister and I actually searched online to see if there was a Hunger Games server on Minecraft and it immediately came up with McPvP. I joined HG for the first time not knowing what to do. My first game playing I had not picked a kit. But the game consisted of Archers, Scouts, Barbarians, and the Fishermans. I pretty much died right away. Out of the 147 people in the server, I came in 105th place. Little by little, I figured out that camping in a hole trying not to die was a bad idea.

I kept on playing HG and started to really love it. A few months later, I saw a streamer by the name of Peaceful_God post a link to his twitch on an HG. I clicked it and loved playing with his stream. I later became friends with him and I was inspired to stream. I streamed for months on end, having a lot of fun doing so and then I ended up making a YouTube Channel. Around the time I had created a YouTube Channel, I had started playing KitPvP and then I started recording hackers. I kept on recording and recording and spamming JacobCrofts’ skype (sorry :c) with hacker reports. I was given the chance at becoming a trial mod on KitPvP in December of 2013 and then about eight days later I was promoted to full mod.

2) What is your favorite server to hang out on and play?

I love hanging around on KitPvP. It is an awesome server where I can practice pvping. But the server I hang out on truthfully depends on what I feel like playing. There are times when I feel like playing HG and when I am in the HG mood I technically no life it for a couple of days. Then there are times when I get a bit frustrated from playing HG and go play on KitPvP or Headshot and then when I’m not on HG, KitPvP, or Headshot I play on Sabotage.

3) What’s the max number of hackers you can remember banning in a day?

I banned 103 hackers in a 24-hour period. About half the players I banned that day were from KitPvP and the other half were from HG and then I banned someone who was randomly flying around on Headshot.

4) What’s your favorite part about being a moderator?

I’ve got to say that my favorite part of being a moderator is being able to ban as many hackers as I can to help reduce the amount of cheaters playing on McPvP. I also love being in Hacker Reports Chat where I try to save as many people as I can from Hackers. All in all, my favorite part about being a moderator is being able to help players out whether it be in game, on the forums, on Skype, or on TeamSpeak.

5) Do you have any tips for those applying for a moderator position?

Wiki made a great guide on ways to get noticed.

But I would like to share some of my own tips on applying for a moderator position. First off let’s start with the fact that it is not always about how many people you can get banned. Yes it is impressive if you can get a lot of hackers banned but banning hackers is not the sole job of being a moderator. On the forums, a Staff member is defined as “one who moderates the chat and ensure that cheaters are taken care of”. Yes we ban hackers but we are also there to help players so maturity and responsibility are some traits that are looked for when considering players for mod.

Never give up. I know there are some times when you are like “UGH, I’m never going to get a chance at becoming a mod.” That is only true if you say it is. If you want to try and get more noticed in the community, how about trying to stream regularly, start a YouTube Channel, or even be as helpful as you can be on the forums?

Applying for the Hacker Reports Chat is a brilliant way to start to get noticed in the community. A few mods, including myself, are actually graduates from the HRC. You can find more information on the HRC and how to join it here.

Also, do not be afraid to ask us questions. Do not hesitate to confront us in game, on the forums, or even on TeamSpeak. We are always willing to help out.


We’d like to say a special thank you to Crowhart for being an outstanding moderator and for all the time she dedicates to helping improve our players’ experience here.

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If you haven’t seen our first post on underrated HG kits, check it out here. In this post, I’m going to go over 6 more underrated kits that are very useful when used correctly.

Some kits aren’t played enough for people to realize how good they actually are. For example, Kangaroo, one of our powerful kits was once thought to be underpowered and weak due to the fact that not a lot of people played it and figured out how to use it. I recommend trying some of the less popular kits and experimenting with their abilities. These six kits are a great place to start.


Spy is an easy kit to pass up since it doesn’t give you a starting item or any immediate advantage in PVP. However, in a game filled with trappers and teamers, Spy can make all the difference. If you come accross a trap, you’ll be alerted as soon as you’re close enough to the players. You’ll also be able to see which kit they are, making it really easy to determine what kind of trap they’re doing, and effectively avoid it. For teams, you can snoop out which kits they’re using from a pretty good distance, which makes it easier to devise a quick strategy and beat them.


Frosty was one of the very first kits when HG came out. It’s pretty simple, with its main ability being a speed boost while you’re walking on snow. You also start off with five snowballs that, when thrown at the ground, will leave a patch of snow. If you throw one of your snowballs into water, it will turn the entire body of water into ice. The speed boost is useful for regular PVP, as well as running away from enemies. Unlike other kits with starting items, any snowballs you pick up will turn into Frosty snowballs.


Fireman starts with a water bucket, which is not only useful for climbing hills and surviving deadly falls, but can easily turn into a deadly weapon if you come across a lava pool. Fireman is also immune to Thor’s lightning strike, as well as lava for the first few seconds that you’re in it. In my experience, taking on teams is a lot easier with a lava bucket, especially if you don’t run the risk of killing yourself with it. Use this kit to counter the Thor kit, teams, traps, and more.


Mining isn’t the most popular strategy in HG, as it’s way more rewarding to hunt and kill than it is to hide and mine. However, you don’t need to sit in a cave mining the entire game for Forger to be useful. When hunting, it’s pretty common for a few of your enemies to drop some iron ore when killed. Instead of wasting time waiting for it to smelt, use Forger to do it instantly and continue on your way.


Soulstealer gives you a second chance to come back when you’ve been killed. If you manage to kill the guy that killed you, you get to keep playing. The fact that this kit is so underused is an advantage in itself, because no one expects you to respawn. A great time to strike back is when your enemy is sorting through items on the ground of trying to refill. Remember, you do less damage than usual in the 10 second comeback phase, so try to plan out your attack.


While negative potion effects can be really helpful in PVP, Spellmaster is underrated because you don’t have as much control over those effects as you do with other kits like Chemist. Even though you don’t get to choose which potion effect it is because it’s randomized, the fact that it affects everyone in a 20 block radius around you is extremely good when you’re being teamed up on. You have a cooldown of 2 minutes on your wand, so plan accordingly.



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Sabotage was the first MCPVP game-mode that I fell in love with. It was what got me into building maps, what inspired me to apply for moderator, and what has continued to be my favorite game-mode from the start.

Until recently, Sabotage hadn’t received a major content update (aside from new maps) since it was released. We rolled out the first set of changes for Sabotage earlier this week, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak into all of the features we’ve been working on. However, take everything you read with a grain of salt, as it all subject to change as is fit for balance.

Karma Overhaul:

If you’ve played Sabotage at all, it’s no secret that random killing — the act of killing any player you see without regard to the rules — has been a detriment to the Sabotage gameplay experience. One of the most frustrating things in Sabotage is when you start the game, only to get killed by a player who has no idea what role you are (or even worse, being killed by a fellow Saboteur). That is why we are taking steps to completely overhaul the Karma system. The plans are as follows:

  • Diminishing returns on karma. Players with over 2000 karma will now gain less karma for correct kills, and lose more karma for incorrect kills. This is both (a.) to prevent karma from being used as “cushion” to random-kill, and (b.) to encourage players to buy shop items and spend their karma, instead of hogging it to show off how much karma they have. This change is now live.
  • New scoring system. Since karma will no longer be used as a way to show off your “skill” and dedication, we will be implementing a new scoring system called “Total Karma”. This will track the total karma you’ve gained without the above mentioned deductions.
  • Additional penalties for random-killing. The more incorrect kills you get in a row, the more karma you’ll lose. So, for example, if you kill three innocents in a row within a small timeframe, you’ll lose 100 karma for the first one, 150 for the second one, and 300 for the third one. Over time, this extra penalty will lessen as long as you stop random-killing. This penalty will be much more severe for Saboteurs who kill other Saboteurs. This change is now live.
  • Self-defense against randomers. If another Innocent attacks you as an Innocent, that person will be flagged as your “agitator.” If you kill your agitator within 10 seconds of the last time they attacked you, you won’t receive a karma deduction. This mechanic allows you to defend against random-killers without being punished.

General Updates:

This list isn’t at all conclusive, but here are a few big things we plan on adding and changing:

  • Remove the living map. Blocks will no longer re-appear once destroyed. This is to prevent players from camping in hard to reach areas. This change is now live.
  • Remove Ender Pearls. For the same reason above. This change is now live.
  • Chest respawn waves. Instead of chests respawning frequently every 2 minutes or so, there will only be 2 additional waves of chests that will appear at fixed time intervals (one at 5 minutes, and another at 10 minutes. Each new wave will be announced in chat and will contain better items than the previous wave. This change is now live.
  • More chest and shop items. While I don’t want to reveal specifics, we have plans to add more chest items as well as make shop items much more appealing.
  • Trust groups. Form groups with people you trust to chat with them, and conspire against others. Saboteurs will have a separate saboteur chat, but can still join innocent trust groups.
  • The Detective and bodies. We plan to fix dead bodies and give the Detective a bunch of new tools to do their job correctly. We want to make the Detective a role to be desired, rather than just a high-priority target for Saboteurs.

The Perk System:

And now I’d like to introduce the “Perk System”. This will be Sabotage’s version of “kits”, though it will function much differently. How it will work is you will be able to spend your hard earned Karma to purchase different “perks” for your character. Perks are permanent in-game benefits that allow you to play Sabotage how you like to, as well as give you something to look forward to as you play and accumulate karma. Perks include things like “gain 5 bonus karma for every chest you open” and “craft a stone sword from 4 wooden ones”. See the chart below for details!

  • There are 5 tiers from which you can purchase perks. Each tier costs more Karma than the tier before it (i.e. Tier 1 perks cost 100 Karma, Tier 2 costs 500 Karma, etc.).
  • You may only have one perk from each tier active at a time. This means that you can only have a total of 5 perks active at any given time (one perk from each Tier).
  • Once a perk is purchased, you will have that perk forever unless you activate another perk of the same Tier from a different skill tree.
  • This system is just a draft! It CAN and WILL change as is fit for balance, perhaps even drastically in some areas.

(if you have trouble viewing the image, click here so you can read it clearly)