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AgentGums   5 week(s) ago
CS! :D

Linksys1139   27 week(s) ago
Wow. None of you guys actually decided to check his statistics, which are empty. Obviously, that means he doesn't play. XD
SushitheGreat   7 week(s) ago

captainspark223   31 week(s) ago
captainsparklez your so awsome but you never talk in the games
Wigawuh1   4 week(s) ago
He doesn't play...
Wigawuh1   4 week(s) ago
He doesn't play...

JayJayJay175   36 week(s) ago
Oh cool I didn't know you played! Have fun! :)
iRustGaming   32 week(s) ago
He doesn't...

dacoolgi   36 week(s) ago
I cant believe u havn't played WHAT

Mut4nteGamer   39 week(s) ago

SoccerstarPvP   39 week(s) ago

LegitWebos6   40 week(s) ago

AdventureTime94   43 week(s) ago
Hi u and Ryan rock at pvp!! Keep up the good work!! PLEASE MSG ME it would mean so much to me!!!!

MikeWells1   44 week(s) ago

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