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Michawsome72   14 week(s) ago

enderslayer1602   20 week(s) ago

0fire_aspect0   21 week(s) ago

Gameplay Stats

Games Played: 2 games
Time Played: 12 mins 27 secs
Average Time Survived: 6 mins 13 secs
Number of Wins: 0 wins
Top 10 Finishes: 0 games
Best Finish: 27th place (view)

PvP Stats

Most Kills: 1 kill (view)
Total Kills: 1 kills
Average Kills: 0.5 kills/game

Last 25 Games Played

View Place Kit Kills Killed By Time Played Score
View 27 None 0 MC4life2221 00:06:53 433.333333333333
View 50 Hermit 1 alfie678 00:05:33 431.72268907563

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