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Wigawuh1   9 week(s) ago
He seriously won a game.... o_o

AgentGums   10 week(s) ago
skaii!! <3

AgentGums   10 week(s) ago
skaii!! <3

superfirebird   13 week(s) ago
he is real

Maskedvi29   21 week(s) ago

MrRedstone9000   31 week(s) ago
u r soooooo epic.

Micheldude   36 week(s) ago
U SUCK AT PVP FAGGGG Comment is hidden due to negative votes.

Micheldude   36 week(s) ago
skykipz.com IMA GONNA REK URE FACE Also, u suck at pvp NUUB BOIII Comment is hidden due to negative votes.
Co0lk1d25   16 week(s) ago
your comment lowered my intelligence.

DerpyBoom   37 week(s) ago
DerpyBoom   37 week(s) ago
I'm on YouTube probably like everyone else same name derpyboom XD

JB002lol   37 week(s) ago
Sky! You can be the BUTTER rank like me and all the other players!!

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