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MrRedstone9000   3 week(s) ago
u r soooooo epic.

Micheldude   9 week(s) ago

Micheldude   9 week(s) ago
skykipz.com IMA GONNA REK URE FACE Also, u suck at pvp NUUB BOIII

DerpyBoom   9 week(s) ago
DerpyBoom   9 week(s) ago
I'm on YouTube probably like everyone else same name derpyboom XD

JB002lol   9 week(s) ago
Sky! You can be the BUTTER rank like me and all the other players!!

brandonianou2003   10 week(s) ago
xD U PLAY 2???

xCasia   10 week(s) ago
OH MY GOD YOU SHOULD PLAY CAPTURE THE FLAG I can't believe you haven't played it yet!

xCasia   10 week(s) ago
aye adam u dank af @ dis game lol

WRectangle   12 week(s) ago
Sky why do you have a optifine cape and a steve skin?

Flame79716   14 week(s) ago
Stop fanboying, holy shit guys.

Gameplay Stats

Games Played: 9 games
Time Played: 1 hrs 55 mins
Average Time Survived: 12 mins 48 secs
Number of Wins: 1 wins
Top 10 Finishes: 3 games
Best Finish: 1st place (view)

PvP Stats

Most Kills: 3 kill (view)
Total Kills: 4 kills
Average Kills: 0.444444444444444 kills/game

Last 25 Games Played

View Place Kit Kills Killed By Time Played Score
View 52 Monk 0 SpeakWDM 00:04:26 292.929292929293
View 60 Reaper 0 00:02:52 283.132530120482
View 1 Barbarian 3 00:34:59 1503.37571364183
View 9 Berserker 0 rofl_ninja 00:26:57 491.735537190083
View 61 None 0 karson12607 00:06:54 276.119402985075
View 34 Thor 1 00:05:58 356.382978723404
View 48 Chameleon 0 Camo30209 00:13:43 410.15625
View 8 Chameleon 0 ihappy4u 00:17:08 512.820512820513
View 144 Chameleon 0 00:02:13 23.8095238095238

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