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Getting started on our Raid server can be pretty challenging if you’ve never played before. One thing you’ll definitely need right off the bat is a good supply of soup. Since you can’t craft Cacti Juice or Chocolate Milk like you can in HG, it can be difficult trying to attain it.

Here are the best ways to get soup right when you join:


Raid uses a gold ingot economy. Anyone can sell/buy anything in the shop at any time using gold ingots. This makes it really easy to buy soup from other players. To check the price for a stack of soup, use the command /price 64 soup. Out of your price range? Check how much individual mushrooms are going for with /price 64 redshroom or /price 64 brownshroom.


Obviously, regular mushrooms can be crafted into mushroom soup, so if you find a swamp, you should stock up. In addition, large mushrooms drop twice the normal amount of mushrooms when mined. Grab some bonemeal, find a dark place (or a Mycelium block) and start your own personal giant mushroom farm. If you can’t find any mushrooms at all, check the shop.

Mooshroom Island

Finding a mooshroom island is by far the best solution to your soup problem. If you’re able to get a mooshroom cow, you’ll have an infinite supply of soup until that cow is killed.

Using the Mob Capture feature, you can capture the cow and bring it your base. This way, you’re free to breed the cows and make soup without being out in the open. Unless you join right at the start of the map, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll find an untouched island, so you may want to try buying a captured mooshroom cow from the shop. Use the command /price 1 moosh to check the price. Once you’ve purchased it, you can spawn it anywhere you choose.


Once you’re breeding mooshroom cows and producing your own soup, you can start selling it to make a profit. Players will always be willing to buy soup and/or mooshroom cows, as long as you’re selling them for a decent price.


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If you’ve been following some of the posts regarding the terrain updates for HG, you may have heard us mention the possibility of including custom structures to HG. These will be structures such as “ruins” or “castles” which will generate in random areas around the Hardcore Games map. Each game, both the structures and the structure locations will be different. Many structures will contain treasure chests which will contain loot similar to that which you might find in a mini-feast. If all goes well, we’d like to outright replace mini-feasts with custom structures.


We want to make a ton of different structures so that each randomly-generated map has more to choose from. The more custom structures we have, the more unique each gameplay experience will be. And that’s where you come in. We’d like to give the community a chance to build and submit their *own* custom structures for a chance at getting them implemented into the game. We will be implementing anywhere from 25 to 50 submissions (depending on contest popularity), so everyone who participates has a decent shot at getting their structure added. Please read the next sections carefully if this is something you’d be interested in!

Information & FAQ

  • Prizes. The top 3 entries will get additional bonuses on top of having their structure implemented. “Design your own” rewards must be reasonable and are subject to modification at our own discretion.
    • 3rd place: (1.) Three months of PRO
    • 2nd place: (1.) Three months of PRO, (2.) design your own custom item to be included in random structure chests.
    • 1st place: (1.) $250 Amazon Gift Card, (2.) design your own custom item to be included in random structure chests, (3.) design your own HG biome for us to create and add
  • Deadline. All structures must be submitted on or before May 17th, 2014. Winners will be announced within that week.
  • Format. Your entry will be ignored if it does not follow the template outlined in the “Format” section.
  • Number of entries. You may submit only one structure for the contest. We will be cross-checking IP addresses to ensure that no one uses alternate accounts to submit multiple structures.
  • Working with others. You may work on your structure with as many other players as you’d like, however you may not submit more than one structure should you decide to do this. If your structure places in the top 3, you must decide among yourselves who will receive the prize.
  • Size. Your structure may not be taller than 60 blocks. While there is no limit to the length and width of your structure, making it unusually large will likely decrease it’s chances of acceptance.
  • Uniformity. Your structure can, but does not need to be, one big connected piece. For example, you could make a village of 5 separate houses and that’d be your “structure”.
  • Chests. You may include up to 2 treasure chests in your structure. While you may not choose the contents of the chests, you may specify the chest rarity, which determines how rare the random loot will be.
  • Structure Rarity. In your entry format email, you will be asked to define your structure rarity. Rarity determines both the structure’s chance of appearing, as well as the rarity of any chest contents (provided you decide to include chests).
  • Disclaimer: Once you submit your structure, we reserve the right to use and modify any aspect of it as we please.

Entry Format

You must fill out all fields below and in an email and send it to ” “. You must title your email exactly as follows: ” HG Build Contest Entry “. Your entry will be ignored if you do not title it as such and follow the template below exactly as requested. If you have any contest related questions, please do not email me — click here and ask them instead.

  • Your in-game name
  • The name of your structure
  • At least one detailed picture of your structure. Your picture must be embedded into the email, not attached to it. If you can’t figure out how to do this, ask your parents or your dog. If you have neither, then upload your picture(s) to and include the link.
  • Either (1.) the MinecraftBuild map ID of your structure, or (2.) an email attachment of your structure save file. Your entry will be ignored if you include a download link.
  • The length, width, and height of your structure as measured in Minecraft blocks
  • The rarity of your structure. (Options: Common / Average / Rare)
  • [Optional] Specific biome(s) your structure should appear in. (Options: All/ One or more biomes listed here)
  • [Optional] Number of treasure chests (if any) in your structure. (Options: 1 / 2)
    • If your structure contains chests, please specify the chest rarity. Chest rarity determines how rare the random loot will be. (Options: Normal / Superior / Epic)
  • [Optional] Any other information you’d like to include about your structure.
  • Did you title your email “HG Build Contest Entry” and type “” as the email recipient? (Options: Yes / No)


While not required, these are some personal recommendations for building your structure. Considering that I’ll be the one judging your structures, I advise you take note of these as your plan your build.
  • Be organized in writing your entry email by writing each field on a different line/bullet point. For every person who sends me something clumped into once sentence or paragraph, I will put down a small animal.
  • The larger and more “eye catching” your structure is, the higher it’s rarity should be. While everyone wants their structure to be seen, we don’t want to flood the HG environment with large structures or ruin the natural aesthetics.
  • Your structure and chest rarity
  • It’s okay to make a structure without chests, in fact I encourage it. We need lots of structures that exist for the sole sake of aesthetics.
  • Make multiple different structures. While your may only submit one of them in your final entry, this gives you the option to explore your creativity and choose your best work.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to build your structure. Starting early gives you the benefit of going back and remaking/refining your work if you ever think of something.
  • Try to make something you would enjoy seeing/exploring if you randomly stumbled across it in HG.
  • Play Hardcore Games to get ideas for your structure! The best builds always have the core mechanics of the game-mode in mind.

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No one enjoys being killed by a trap. However, just because it’s not fun to be killed by a trap doesn’t mean they should be banned or have the game modified to remove them.

In the same way that a goalie can sometimes block a player’s shot in soccer, players also understand that goalies are important for keeping a game interesting and that they serve a valuable purpose in soccer.

Traps also serve a valuable purpose in the Hardcore Games. Here’s why:

1. Traps Provide a Challenge

One of the most important things traps do is provide a challenge in the game. They give you an obstacle to overcome in the same way that a goalie is an obstacle in order to score in soccer.

If you remove that obstacle, there is a risk of making the game too easy and taking the challenge and the fun out of it. Yes, it’s not fun to be killed by a trap, but it’s even less fun to not come across any new fighting styles or strategies. Traps are a big factor in providing these new styles. If you find yourself caught in a trap, you now have the challenge of trying to escape it and kill the trapper.

The same can be said for people executing traps. If you want to challenge yourself, try creating a difficult trap in a game. It’s not as easy to do as many people think.

2. Traps Keep You Alert

One of the most important factors in winning an HG match is to pay attention. The quickest way to die is to not see the guy sneaking up on you or not spot the towerer about to stomp you or catch you in their trap.

The risk that traps put on players is a great motivator for them to keep their eyes open for suspicious things. It helps players become better at spotting things that are out of the ordinary and can help save your life.

3. Traps Add Variety

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different traps that can be done in HG. That means there are hundreds of different strategies and play-styles that players can perform and have to avoid. This variety to Hardcore Games keeps it fun and constantly changing. If you remove traps, you remove these play styles and it makes it much harder for players to find new styles of play.

Those are three important ways that traps help keep the Hardcore Games fun and fresh. Just remember that the next time you find yourself in one.

Ready to build some traps of your own?

Check out these 5 Awesome HG Traps and some Tips on Avoiding Traps in the Hardcore Games!



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Traps are becoming really popular in the Hardcore Games. However, it’s never been easy to make the classic Minecraft traps with redstone, pistons and levers… until now!

The Redstoner Kit, which was released last week, allows you to easily make traps. Combine this with other kits such as an Endermage and you can have yourself a powerful team!

The Redstoner Kit has the following starting items: 32 pistons, 128 redstone, 16 redstone repeaters, 4 dispensers, and 16 slime balls. No special power or ability — just the items. Let your creativity flourish with this kit!

  • It’s a trap kit! So… you should make some traps. There’s plenty of tutorials online. Emitows, a Brazilian Youtuber, makes some awesome ones. Check them out here!
  • You could make a pit trap. When you pull a lever, blocks vanish underneath your enemy causing them to fall to their death. Or… a lava trap, same idea, but with lava.
  • You could make a staircase trap, where when they walk down the steps, pistons push them off the side to their death. This one is hard.
  • Or… think of your own. Combine with other kits, steal TNT — there’s endless possibilities!

Status Update


- Vote for us on to unlock a kit for 3 hours!
- We have partnered with Major League Gaming (MLG), play Minecraft tournaments here on MCPVP!

Hardcore Games

- Challenge kits have been released. Find HG too easy? Try and complete these challenges to earn coins!
New kit rotation!
- Redstoner kit has been released.


Lag issues should now be fixed. A new update was pushed which should increase performance!

Capture the Flag

Mage had a bug fixed which allowed the class to attack teammates.
- /msg and /tell have been fixed.

- There is currently a bug with some players karma not showing correctly. We are looking into this.

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Our community would not be the same without our hard working moderators. We wanted to take the time to point out one who is doing an exceptional job — JacobCrofts. He is always active in game, helpful on the forums, and he goes through the hacker reports frequently.

We asked him a few questions about his time here at MCPVP and being a moderator.


1) When did you start playing MCPVP and when did you become a moderator?

I first started playing MCPVP in May 2012, after my friend condronk read about the HG server on Reddit and asked if I wanted to try it out. I spent most of my first game fishing in a small pond under a hill, but managed to take second place! I played HG with my friends all summer long, and became a forum moderator in the fall. I was first offered an in-game staff rank in January 2013.


2) What is your favorite server to hang out on and play?

I cycle through “favorite servers” whenever I play the same thing for too long. My original favorite server was HG, which I played (and eventually moderated) almost daily for over a year, but I soon became really attached to Smash and started playing that more competitively than I ever played HG. After Smash was removed, I started playing CTF first as Medic and Assassin, but now primarily as Mage.

The best places to hang out are probably KitPvP and Raid, since people can chat in the safety of the spawn area. KitPvP is also the easiest place to build obstacle courses, PvP arenas, and to host other fun events, since it uses the WorldEdit plugin.


3) What’s the max number of hackers you can remember banning in a day?

I banned 94 hackers in a single, 24-hour period a few days after I was promoted to primary moderator. Around half of the players I banned were xraying or flying on Raid, and the rest came primarily from KitPvP. This was during mid-August, however, when I wasn’t busy with school. I doubt I could pull that off during the academic year!


4) What’s your favorite part about being a moderator?

When I first became a moderator, banning hackers was more fun than anything else. It’s satisfying to be able to jump on a HG server and save somebody’s game unexpectedly. My services as an in-game moderator were more important during my first few months as a moderator than they are now, since we have more active moderators and fewer hackers. Back in early 2013, I could join any full HG server and expect to ban 2-4 people over the course of the game, but now I only encounter a hacker every second or third game on average. KitPvP gets tons of hacker traffic, as always, but there are only a handful of kit servers and plenty of active moderators and hacker reporters so it’s fairly easy to keep the hackers in check on there.

My favorite part of being a moderator now is the flexibility of the position. Since I have no formal obligations, I have a lot of room to be creative; that is, I can help wherever I believe I am needed the most. My primary MCPVP-related goal at the moment is to train players who are interested in becoming trial mods. The first step in this process was the creation of the HRC, which is a Skype-based organization of over one hundred players which gives people the ability to report online hackers directly to MCPVP moderators. In the coming months, I hope to establish a more effective training program for people who, like me when I first joined the MCPVP staff, have no experience in spotting hackers.


5) Do you have any tips for those applying for a moderator position?

WiKi_KiKi has already covered this topic very nicely from an admin’s perspective here:, but I’ll add a few thoughts of my own.

Since I was the person who first started formally making note of how many hacker reports each player was making, and how consistently accurate the reports were, I’m concerned that I have given some people the wrong idea about what we expect from qualified moderator applicants. Reporting hundreds of hackers is really good for the servers, but it’s not the only thing that matters, nor is it the only way for people to get noticed.

Ironically, when I was first offered mod, I had a grand total of two successful hacker reports. I had never used a hacked client myself, and knew very little about the responsibilities of the MCPVP staff. It took a while for me to figure these things out, but in the end my success had nothing to do with how many hacker reports I had uploaded onto my YouTube channel.

Qualifications such as leadership experience and “people-skills” are a lot more important than most applicants realize. We pay careful attention to the way you communicate with other people in-game, on the forums, and over Skype. Qualified moderators should show us that they can respond to immaturity with maturity, and to nonsense with sense. They should be both honest and cooperative. I was particularly impressed on several different occasions when ordinary players respectfully and intelligently pointed out problems with the way MCPVP is moderated, or even with how I personally manage things, and helped me to become a better moderator as a result.

Naturally, it’s really hard to be noticed if you never talk to us. A lot of people seem frightened to talk to MCPVP mods and admins on Skype especially, or seem excessively formal when they address us, and I’m not entirely sure why that is. If we don’t know anything about you, it’s unlikely that we’ll be willing to trust you with a staff position. So don’t be afraid to chat – we don’t bite, I promise!


We’d like to say a big thank you to JacobCrofts and all our moderators. We appreciate the time and hard work you put into our servers.


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Mark your calendars! We’re resetting the map on our Hardcore PvP and Raid servers!

The new map will be released for PRO subscribers on Saturday, April 5 at noon CST.


To see what time that is for you, click here for a time converter.

 An open release for other subscribers will follow, with the release for the general public TBD.

In this post, we’ll be going over what’s changed since the last reset and what our plans are for the future of Raid.

From now on, we’ll be resetting the maps on both US ( and EU ( quarterly — every three months from the start of the year. At the beginning of January, April, July and October, give or take a week or two, the map will be reset.

We’ll be continually developing and adding features to keep the Hardcore PvP/Raid scene fresh and exciting.

Xray is the Achilles heel of an SMP server. Xray is more than likely here to stay, and while there are plugins to counter it they’re mostly inefficient and cause a lot of lag, especially on a map of this size. Recently, we’ve been tinkering with anti-xray trying to find that perfect balance of performance and protection, and from what I’ve personally seen, there has been an 80-90% overall decrease.

What’s new since the previous reset:

• Possible to stack potions via the /economy

• Removed nether warp cap

• “/deposit all” command

• “/t i [name]” now works for offline players

• Buckets, gold tools/armor, and horse armor added to the list of salvageable items

• Players that are currently located in the Nether will have red names when typing /track all or /track [name]

• XP bottling: glowstone dust + a glass bottle = an empty XP bottle; right click to store or retrieve XP

• Loads of various cosmetic changes giving most everything a new look

• Ender Dragon: spawns at random, accessible through the portal under spawn and has a unique drop table

• “/1v1″ command – challenge an opponent to a private 1v1

• Map reduced from 30k x 30k (15k borders) to 25k x 25k (12.5k borders)


Here’s a couple things you can expect to see in the near future:

Giant Boss

Similar to that of the Ender Dragon, the Giant will have its own unique abilities and loot. The drops, like the Giant, will give you a special ability as well…I’ll let you find out what those are.

Oh, and hold onto the eggs from the dragon if you happen to get any, you’ll need them.


Partway into the map, we’ll be implementing a stat system that tracks a wide range of different stats in similar format to that of our other gamemodes. From simple things like player and mobs kills, /1v1 wins and ratios to a /balance leaderboard, our goal with these stats is to facilitate more of a competitive aspect to the Hardcore PVP/Raid community. And not only are bragging rights in store for those at the top, but prizes will be on the line, too — more on that subject upon release.

New Tracker Blocks

To spice up tracking a bit, we’ll be introducing two new blocks: Iron and Emerald. Compatible with Obsidian, these two can be used in any configuration as long as there’s a diamond block center and gold block for the tip of the arm. Like Obsidian, the Iron and Emerald blocks will extend the tracker’s range with Iron adding 100 and Emerald adding 250. Click here to read more about how to use trackers in Raid.

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We are always looking for more moderators and staff on our servers. Every server is in need of more staff, and there will always be a need for active moderators to assist with the community and cheaters. We are extremely grateful for all the volunteers willing to moderate our servers, however I always get asked: “What can I do to increase my chances of becoming a moderator?” — and it’s not the easiest question to answer. I figured I would write a post and give everyone tips on achieving a staff rank on MCPVP.


1. Be involved and get noticed

It’s much harder for me to put my trust in to someone I don’t know that well. If I don’t recognise your name, then you need to contribute more and try and get noticed. You can do this by posting on our forums and joining the community, if you’re not much of a forum person – don’t worry! Being active around our social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can also help, I am particularly active on Twitter. You can also try and get me on Skype, however I have a large contact list and I’m reluctant to add more people… but you can always try!

You should also consider how you act in-game, if you are friendly and helpful in chat to other players, this can be really helpful. Other moderators often give me recommendations on who should be a moderator based on what they see in-game. Don’t try too hard though, this will make you look too eager – keep it steady and consistent. Doing all of this should make me and other staff notice you, and that’s really important.


2. Report Cheaters

Cheaters are annoying for everyone. They ruin games for legitimate players and get unfair advantages over unmodified clients. Our anti-cheat and autoban tackles a lot of the cheaters well, but we need staff to punish them with a ban. We have many tools available for reporting hackers, you can:

  • use the /report feature in-game, or use:
  • join the hacker report skype group (HRC) – please see this thread for more information.
  • email with the hacker you’ve found and any proof you may have.
  • private message an admin or moderator on our forums about the cheater.

Reporting cheaters shows me that you know what hacks look like without the need for a detection/anticheat. Now I must stress, there is not a threshold/amount of reports needed to become a moderator. Some players have reported lots of cheaters but haven’t been given a chance to be a moderator yet. If this sounds like you, read my other points and see what you can do to increase your chances. I must personally say that contacting and the skype chat are the most effective methods of standing out. So whenever you find another cheater, try and get proof – any proof at all, and email it – or submit it in the HRC if you have been accepted.


3. Submit an Application

We have an application process which gives me an overview of who you are. You can read the application format here – please submit an application if you haven’t already, the email is You should be completely honest in your application, don’t lie to make yourself seem like the perfect candidate. Your application allows me to learn more about you, what servers you were a moderator on before and allows me to judge your moderator experience. All applications are read by myself, however I cannot respond to them with a yes/no answer due to the amount of emails we receive. Every email is stored for future open positions.


4. Keep at it, don’t give up

Lots of players unfortunately give up too quickly and they don’t allow me the time to learn more about them. If you truly want to help out MCPVP and become a staff member, you should keep at it and be motivated to help out. It’s hard because you will think you aren’t being noticed, but if you’re active in reporting hackers, friendly in chat and you’re fairly active in the community – you most certainly have been noticed. Now you need to be consistent and keep up your hard work, it will eventually pay off. Sometimes this can take a few weeks, or maybe a month or two.. but whatever the time, please don’t give up. I have seen lots of potential moderators completely ruin their chances by thinking they had no chance to begin with.


So, there you are — my 4 top tips! You’re not guaranteed to become a moderator by following this advice, but you certainly increase your chances. The process after this is usually a reply to your application asking for an interview, the interview is via text and asks questions about cheats, your mod experience – stuff like that, it’s nothing bad. If you are accepted after the interview you will become a trial moderator on the server you applied for! Some trials last months, others weeks, but you are a staff member and have the chance to become a full moderator. It’s a lot of work — think you can do it? Then start today! :-)

Next weeks blog post will be top tips on the new Copycat kit… and a status update. Thanks for reading!

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Confident in your 1v1 skills? Then Gladiator is the kit for you. It’s a perfect anti-team kit. You start with iron bars, which allow you to create a small arena in the sky to fight an enemy with.

Right click an enemy with your iron bars and the fight will begin. Only one player can make it out alive, so you must fight til the death! My top tips for the Gladiator kit include:

  • Fight a team. Running around as a solo player is often hard, and fighting two or more players makes survival even harder. With Gladiator, you can split a team up and 1v1 fairly without being interrupted by the player’s team. If you win the 1v1, you can fight his teammate in another 1v1. If the player has more than two teammates, then you should try and make the arena fight last longer — hope his teammates run away while you’re busy fighting.
  • At the Feast, you will be able to target one person instead of engaging in a 1v4. Should you win the 1v1, you will also get all their items — which prevents other players at the feast from stealing your items.
  • When at a busy Feast, you will wish you came back later. While you are fighting in a 1v1, people in the Feast will continue fighting. You should try and delay your fight so that the players in the Feast kill each other before killing your 1v1 opponent.

Click here to purchase the Gladiator kit!

Status Update


- We’re testing Headshot! It’s not officially released, we’re still balancing classes and fixing some bugs. But check it out! IP:

Hardcore Games

- Acrobat has been re-released!
- Lots of bug fixes, kit tweaks and some challenge kits…
- Beastmaster and Rhino have been retired.
- Even more kit tweaks and bug fixes! Including a Miner kit buff.
- Gladiator kit released.  


- Little Raid update with some bug fixes and tweaks. Check out the changelog!


- We welcome iThinkFast, theturbokid and pxls as trial moderators.


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Teams are a pretty controversial aspect of the Hardcore Games. Many players feel overwhelmed when it comes to taking on teams. Going up against a team by yourself can be really challenging, but there is hope! Follow these tips the next time you find yourself up against a team.


Tips for Taking On Teams in the Hardcore Games:

  • Avoid getting cornered. As long as you can run from a team, there’s still a chance you can beat them. Try to lead them into dangerous areas or through other people fighting.
  • Practice refilling your soup. If you have enough mushrooms and bowls, you can just keep on refilling and fighting.
  • Focus on them one at a time; don’t keep switching back and forth. When you stop hitting them, you’re giving them an opportunity to refill their soup.
  • Use the right kit, it can really help.


The Best Kits for Dealing with Enemy Teams:


  • Gladiator allows you to start a 1v1 battle in a private arena with your opponent. Simply right-click an enemy with the iron bars that you start with and you’ll both be sent to the arena. If you win, you’ll be placed right back on the ground where you started. If you lose, you’re out of the game. This allows you to fight enemy team members one at a time.


  • Tank makes it so when you kill someone, they explode. You also won’t take any damage from the explosions. When fighting a team, try to pick out the most powerful player and kill him first. With a little luck, he’ll blow up and kill the rest of his team. This kit may not be as practical as Gladiator, but it’s a great kit nonetheless.


  • The Madman kit will effect all players within 20 blocks of you, weakening them more and more depending on how many people are around, and how long they stay near you. This makes it so that when teams are attacking you, they become weaker and weaker over time. It’s very effective in dealing with teams, but it has no effect on 1v1 fights. 


Do you have any tips on taking on teams?



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Have you had a chance to play on our Hardcore Games servers lately? If so, you’ve probably noticed that the world seems a lot different. That’s because we’ve recently updated HG’s terrain to include some of the new 1.7 biomes from (vanilla) Minecraft, as well as a few of our very own custom-made biomes.


Each biome is different and has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s important that you know what they are if you want to survive as long as possible. So to help you make it to the top, we’ve put together a quick-reference guide containing helpful tips for every biome in HG. Contained in the tips below are some secrets that most players don’t know, so make sure you look carefully!

New Biomes

These are the biomes that we recently added in the the update.
Custom-made biomes include Ice Mountain and Hell.


Old Biomes
These are the biomes that have always been a part of the HG terrain.


What Lies Ahead

Terrain features to look forward to in the near future

New Biomes

We plan to keep adding new biomes to HG, and we’re always looking for ideas. New biomes should be original ideas (wasteland, cloud islands, cavern depths, etc), different from all the others (both in purpose and appearance), and ultimately fun to come across. Let us know if you have any ideas for biomes you’d like to see in HG!

Custom Structures

It is possible to have custom structures generate randomly throughout the map, and even have them be specific to a certain biome (like desert temples in the desert). We think that adding randomly generated structures would make a great addition to HG.

We’ve even discussed the possibility of including treasure inside some of the structures to encourage exploring a little more. This would encourage players to venture into areas wherein they previously had no incentive to go. We’ll at least give custom structures a try to see how everyone likes it.


Expect the current biomes to undergo ongoing changes as we try to get make the environment as balanced as possible. This includes changing a specific biome’s size, appearance frequency, average amount of mushrooms, among other aspects.

Ready to play right now? Just open Minecraft and connect to!