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Yep, you heard right. McPVP is now the home of your favorite minecraft server type - Kit PVP. We'd like to thank all our friends for their support and encouragement.

Use your credits!
You earn credits for killing other players. Which you can spend on a variaty of commands
  • Buffs! - /buffs - In for a little more power? Get yourself a buff and be the master of any battle! At the expense of getting more credits...
  • Debuffs! - /debuffs - Like to have some more difficult fights? Debuff yourself and get more credits for your kills!
  • Others - /neutrals - Commands for your everyday KitPVP needs!
Custom coded!
KitPVP is custom coded, with the best Kit PVP experience in mind!
  • Anti Killsteal - Not to worry about killstealers either! With McPVP's unique Assist System, you will get credits for the damage you do, not who makes the kill. So you will always enjoy your equal share of the credit!
  • Unique Credit System - See the details below!
  • Killstreak announcements - Fame for the best players! Get your epic killstreak announced!
Unique credit system! To keep equality in KitPVP the credit system is custom and enhanced to keep that balance.
If you buff yourself a lot, you are more powerful, but you also get less credits for killing people, and in return, they get more credits for killing you!
If you debuff yourself, you are less powerful, but your kills will be worth more, and you're not worth very much to others!

To join a game, simply point your Minecraft Client to: 

For an enhanced gaming experience, you may optionally download the McPVP Mod.

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