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Hardcore Games
100 Players Online

Hardcore Games! - mc-hg.com

Choose a starting class, gather materials, fight to the death. Last man standing wins.

Maze Runner
100 Players Online

Maze Runner - mc-maze.com

Can you escape the maze?

100 Players Online

Capture the Flag - mcctf.com

Hardcore Fast-Action PVP 24/7. No need to gather materials, just hop on and fight.

100 Players Online

Sabotage - mc-sabotage.com

Find the saboteurs and kill them, or be a saboteur and betray your friends.

Hardcore PVP
100 Players Online

Raid - raid.mcpvp.com

No rules. Custom plugins coded with PVP in mind. Raid & steal, loot & kill!

100 Players Online

Kit PVP - kitpvp.us

Jump in to the brawl. You start with basic gear and can level it up as you fight.

100 Players Online

Headshot - mcheadshot.com

Play team deathmatch and capture the flag with guns.

Maze Runner
100 Players Online

Minecraft Build - minecraftbuild.com

A new type of build server from MCPVP.

100 Players Online

MCPVP Hub - mcpvp.com

The gateway to all MCPVP games.

Team Speak
Players Chatting Now!

TeamSpeak [VOICE CHAT]

ts.mcpvp.com Download

Download the TeamSpeak client and connect to our server to voice chat with your friends.

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